Final preparations for the Hamburg Derby and remembering men in tears
Derby-Talk with Rainer Johannsen (DKB), dressage rider Friederike Hahn, sponsor Albert Daboven, showjumper Nisse Lüneburg, Volker Wulff photo:

Final preparations for the Hamburg Derby and remembering men in tears

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Double Derby winner Nisse Lüneburg has started fitness training with his Cordillo (v.Corrido) with whom he sensationally reached third place in 2017 . Mercedes Benz extended sponsorship by another 3 years: Preparations for the 89th German Derby in Hamburg are reaching fever pitch. In less than 2 months, from 9th to 13th May 2018, we shall know who is going to master this course, one of the most difficult courses in the world, and takes home the coveted trophies of the Global Champions Tour and the Global Champions League. With 6 CSl5* and 7 CSI4* competitions in 5 days, there is much to lose and a lot to win: a budget of € 3.35 million for the whole event and with € 1.4 million prize money, riders and spectators will be part of the cream of events.

For those who cannot make it to the Derby there will be live coverage by NDR and ARD and also continuous streaming by ClipMyHorse.

Volker Wulff, motor and promoter of the German Show jumping and Dressage Derbys, has planned a few innovations for 2018. His motto: ” Who stops to improve, stops to be good”. ” Derby Talk” was held at Hamburg Elbchaussee where he informed us that the first qualifying rounds are already starting on Wednesday in order to give horse and rider a rest day between the 2 qualifying rounds and the Derby. In the youngster competitions the 7 and 8 year olds will be separated this year and are sponsored by Equiline. And thanks to the new rules of the Global Champions Tour this year the number of riders to qualify for the Saturday Grand Prix is up to 35 from 25.

Volker Wulff has been at the centre of this event for many years and entertains us with many stories:

His most embarassing moment?

At the very beginning  the mayor of Hamburg-Altona complained about the noise of the grooms’ parties and even threatened him with prison. The mayor is no longer there but the parties are there still (maybe a tad quieter).

And his most emotional moments?

The Farewell to Casall in 2017 when grown men embraced each other and cried openly. Or the Derby win of Hello Max when the whole of Grevenbroich was in tears.

Surely there will be other ones until the final Derby round on Sunday, 13th May. And then the planning commences because Volker Wulff hasn’t dropped his idea to bring the European Championships to the Derby Park in Hamburg.