Horses, dogs, fun and flair – Redefin Horse Show
one of the prominent starters in Redefin: Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum with Calle Photo: Stefan Lafrentz

Horses, dogs, fun and flair – Redefin Horse Show

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The international outdoor season will open with the Redefin Horse show in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, from 4th to 6th May. For the 18th time, the Redefin State Stud will be both a showground and meeting point for show-jumping and dressage sport of the highest quality, for shows and exhibitions, for the premiere of the Dog Agility Tournament and for an altogether thrilling and action-packed weekend. When it comes to sport, the Horse Show, responsibility for which lies in the capable hands of Paul & Bettina Schockemöhle, will once again be setting standards in 2018.


In total, 155,000 euros of prize money will be handed out from 4th to 6th May. In show jumping the Redefin Horse Show holds the status of a CSI at three star level and around 60 international riders from up to 15 different countries are expected to compete in the 2018 festival. The excellent dressage programme is advertised nationally and attracts around 40 competitors to Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.  Sporting relevance, acceptance and the unique atmosphere are also good reason for the NDR television channel to be broadcasting the action from the Redefin Horse Show on Saturday (5th May) and Sunday (6th May) on “Sportclub live”. The focus will be on the Lübz Championship and the Deutsche Kreditbank AG Grand Prix – two of three world ranking competitions on offer – and stories from behind the scenes at the festival.


The overall budget of the Horse Show is around 660,000 euros, and it offers equestrian sports fans a programme including four international tours in show jumping and the selection for the European “Young Riders Academy”, which is admired across the globe, as well as a dressage programme ranging from the National Championship qualifiers for five and six year old dressage horses and the Nürnberger Burg-Pokal to Grand Prix and Grand Prix Specials. As well as sport, the festival also offers an exhibition with exhibitors and sellers covering all aspects of the horse and equestrian sporting worlds, and a varied array of gastronomic delights. With such variety on offer, it is no surprise that the Redefin Horse Show has become a popular destination for a good day out, and a vital meeting place. On Friday evening there will be a party for both riders and spectators in the “Zum Kutschstall” straight after the sport and show programmes conclude for the day.  


Another special feature of the Horse Show is its setting within one of the oldest German state studs. This affords visitors an insight into the benefits of a state stud, and the chance to increase their knowledge of sport horse breeding. The 2- and 4-legged athletes from across Europe and beyond will be strutting their stuff in the sporting competitions, while the Redefin State Stud will also present a show with its own stallions on Friday and Saturday evening, presented by SVZ.


Fantastic response to the sporting programme 

The sporting selection on offer is certainly set to be well used: The CSI alone has already had entries from 13 different countries. Amongst the top riders are 2017 DKB Riders Tour winner Markus Beerbaum from Thedinghausen and his wife Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum, as well as Italy’s star rider Emanuele Gaudiano and Dutch team World Champion Jur Vrieling and his young compatriot Lisa Nooren. Felix Haßmann from Lienen, who a few years ago achieved the incredible feat of winning both the Lübz Championship and the Deutsche Kreditbank AG Grand Prix, is nonetheless returning to Redefin in 2018. And the 2016 German Vice Champion, Christian Hess from Radesforde, is also set to come back to Redefin. Put simply, Redefin’s Horse Show will offer the perfect sporting comparison between Mecklenburg-Vorpommern’s best riders like Holger Wulschner, Thomas Kleis, Andre Thieme or Heiko Schmidt and “the rest of the world”….


Stability and engagement

The Redefin Horse Show is made possible through the initiative of the organisers and the involvement of sponsors who come both from within the host state and beyond. Deutsche Kreditbank AG, Luigi Lavazza Deutschland GmbH, the Mecklenburg brewery Lübz and the project group for state marketing “MV tut gut” are the main sponsors of the three-day tournament whose effects and appeal radiate far beyond the state borders.


In addition there are several other partners who make this fine international tournament economically viable and who lend their own character to proceedings. Vilomix and Silk`n, the Nürnberger Versicherung, Schlosshotel Wendorf and the Drewke-Group, Aldrip,  H + M Schüssler, Prinz Glaziers, BreFood, Platz Max-Rampelmann & Spliethoff GmbH & Co. KG, Schubert Contractors, the Schwiebert Family’s Helenenhof, Zech Immobilien and, last but not least. Germany’s great equestrian sports patroness Madeleine Winter-Schulze all contribute to making this fine, international equestrian sporting event possible in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The Redefin Horse Show is also a valuable economic and social meeting place and provides the opportunity to create and maintain contacts and networks. 


Keeping things fresh…

“To stand still is to move backwards”, as the old saying goes, and the organisers of the Horse Show are always keen to heed this wisdom, constantly developing and improving the festival to make it attractive for both competitors and visitors. “I don’t organise tournaments because doing so makes you rich. I do it because I want to develop and advance equestrian sport and you need good tournaments for that”, says Paul Schockemöhle. That was the reason he took over the event a few years ago and it is the reason for filling it with two and three star events. This year’s innovation is the Dog Agility Tournament, which will have its premiere in 2018 and will include a wealth of competitions in three different classes, attracting 63 dog/handler pairs to Redefin. At the 2017 Horse Show a Dog Agility Show by the Schwerin dog sport association got the festival’s organisers thinking – and now the tournament will have its premiere within the framework of the Redefin Horse Show.


Browse, experience, enjoy

Entry to the Redefin Horse Show is free on all three days. There is only a charge for seats on the covered stands. For those wishing to sit comfortably and experience show-jumping sporting action whatever the weather tickets can be purchased for 10 euros (Friday) or 15 euros (Saturday and Sunday). Tickets are available by phoning (05492) 808 262 or by emailing tickets@schockemoehle.deInformation about the 2018 Redefin Horse Show, pictures, news and details of prices and seats are available online at To get the latest news from the event, simply use #PferdefestivalRedefin .