Horse Festival Redefin: one Thieme  appears seldom alone
Home match in Redfin for him: Andre Thieme Photo: Stefan Lafrentz

Horse Festival Redefin: one Thieme appears seldom alone

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Redefin is hometown for Andre Thieme, the “Meck-Pomm” (as the Mecklenburg Pomeranians are known) will be part of the Horse Festival in Redefin from 4th to 6th May 2018 and as always meets lots of people he knows and especially family members. One Thieme appears seldom on his own for this event at the Country Estate: One concentrates on the tasks between and over the obstacles, the other one on the sport in the dressage arena…..

Michael Thieme, Trainer, Coach and a “Horse Institution” competes in the dressage at Redefin’s Grosse Tour and inbetween also supports the organisation. Afterall this “First Saddle Master” (Obersattelmeister)   knows the whole place very well as it’s been his place of work for decades. And Andre Thieme did benefit from it as a youngster in the saddle as he went through the same good schooling as other sport riders of his father’s. It is well known that Andre prefers jumping to dressage. The three-times Derby winner and Nations Prize Rider loves to take part in the CSI3* Horse Festival. as well as seeing his dad he’ll meet his sister Christina (who came third in the indoor dressage State Championship) who will be there as spectator. Andre emphasized that this event also means preparation for the forthcoming competitions: “Aretino will be at the Global Champions Tour – therefore he is also coming to Redefin.

Many collegues will come together with Thiemes: Holger and Benjamin Wulschner (Passin), Heiko Schmidt (Neu-Benthen), Joerg Moeller, Thomas Kleis und Philipp Makowei (Gadebusch); Christoph Maack (Kirch-Mummendorf) and Christin Wascher, both juniors have been nominated for the CSI3*.

A good selection for a fine sport  The requirements are there for an exciting weekend of Sport and the guests will come with intent and they are a cracking lot: the ex Europa Champion Marco Kutscher, Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum, Janne Friederike Meyer-Zimmermann and Carsten-Otto Nagel.  Joining them from abroad are Jur Vrieling (Gold WM), Netherlands and Rolf-Goeran Bengtsson (Olympic Silver 2008), Sweden. Derby winners Pato Muente (Slovenia) and Nisse Lueneburg (Hetlingen) will also meet on this very green patch of land……