A “Charmed” victory in the Grand Prix for Markus Beerbaum
Markus Beerbaum and Charmed win in Redefin Photo: sportfotos-lafrentz

A “Charmed” victory in the Grand Prix for Markus Beerbaum

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She is quick, can jump and in the saddle was someone who had his eyes firmly on the prize: Mare Charmed and Markus Beerbaum (Thedinghausen) have won the Deutsche Kreditbank AG Grand Prix at the Redefin Horse Show, and with it the most valuable world rankings test of the sporting weekend at the Redefin State Stud. “That was long overdue, as my wife and I have been here in Redefin lots of times”, grinned the 47 year old from Lower Saxony. “The tournament has always been here but it just gets better year after year…” Praise which organiser Paul Schockemöhle and the tournament’s host, Minister for Agriculture Dr. Till Backhaus, were only too pleased to hear.

“You need serious stamina to establish this kind of event”, says Backhaus with conviction. Since 2010 Paul & Bettina Schockemöhle have been responsible for the Horse Show and in 2018 more than 16,000 visitors came across 3 days to the international CSI 3* “family tournament” at the State Stud. Family – that goes for visitors and competitors in equal measure, since Redefin offers little visitors just as much variety as their grown ups, and a number of competitors also had parents, siblings or spouses with them at the Horse Show. And the tournament package presented by Paul Schockemöhle was certainly well received: “There’s no such thing as a perfect tournament”, says the three-time European Showjumping Champion and the tournament’s organiser, “there is always something that can be improved and my wife and her team are always thinking about that”. Ideas are not something Bettina Schockemöhle is generally short on…..

Felix Haßmann from Lienen who, according to Schockemöhle, is “one of the fasted riders in the world”, came second with Cayenne WZ. “I didn’t see Markus and Charmed, I just heard my father say ‘everything went perfectly for him’”, said Haßmann. Coming second behind Beerbaum, and especially since Cayenne WZ has recently had a long break, is no reason to be dissatisfied. The rider in third place also looked happy: Carsten-Otto Nagel (Wedel) jumped into third place with Chairman. “I have been training up horses again little by little and I’m very pleased today”, concluded the rider from Schleswig-Holsteiner cheerfully.

Haßmann and Nagel will be seeing each other again on Wednesday in Hamburg for the German Showjumping and Dressage Derby, the second stage of the DKB Riders Tour – Markus Beerbaum and Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum are giving it a miss as they both wanted to fly the German flag at the Nations Cup tournament in La Baule from 17th – 20th May. The top Mecklenburg competitor was Thomas Kleis from Gabebusch, who came eighth with Chades of Blue, a daughter of Chacco Blue. Chades of Blue is also a half sister of winning mare Charmed – they both have the same sire. In total, 14 of the 53 pairs taking part jumped in the jump off of the Deutsche Kreditbank AG Grand Prix.