Mathis Schwentker is a Texan now
Mathis Schwentker goes to Texas Photo: Mathis Schwentker

Mathis Schwentker is a Texan now

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In the show jumping saddle he completed a lot in Germany but new challenges await Mathis Schwentker, who became German champion of the professional riders in 2017, and he was until recently maker in the Haunhorst stable. The 25-year old wants to advance his career in the USA: ” I have switched to Christian Heineking’s October Hill Farm near Fort Worth/Dallas in Texas.”
Some weeks ago Christian sustained a fracture of the femural neck and has to rest for the next 6 months or so.
“After that I received a very good offer and consequently get the chance to introduce his good horses at the bigger competitions.
Initially I will go for 3 months and if everything works out alright I might possibly repeat that” he told the newsteam.

His new boss is not unknown in Germany: Christian Heineking, the Nation prize rider who comes from Mecklenburg where he finished his apprenticeship for Maker at Redefin and later worked for Heiko Schmidt in Neu Benthen before moving to the USA in 2008.
There he met his future wife Erin Davis-Heineking whom he married in 2013 and together they run a training and sales stable in Texas. like to wish Mathis Schwentker a good start in the USA and much success and we wish Christian Heineking get well soon.