Riders Masters Cup: Unbeatable Riders Europe!
The unbeatable Riders Europe with Chef d'Equipe Philippe Guerdat

Riders Masters Cup: Unbeatable Riders Europe!

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After a tighter match than the score suggests and in an atmosphere just incredible with a staging worthy of the superbowl, Riders Europe won their third Masters Cup Riders in three editions. What a show!

Introductory speech by a former legendary Olympic champion, Pierre Durand, sponsor of this Riders Masters Cup, a great presentation of the teams, a hymn sung by an impressive tenor for the USA, scraped with the electric guitar Jimmy Hendrix style for the Europe, an overheated room – olas and Icelandic clappings – all the ingredients of a big sporting event setting were there. It remained to know what the sport itself would offer us … and the sport did not disappoint.

The Riders Europe dominated in the first half with four wins, but the USA Riders were able to keep a small chance thanks to Jessica Springsteen’s victory over Europe’s youngest Riders, Harry Charles (45-30).

The composition of the duels was going to be changed for the second round: a kind of liar poker between the two team leaders, Robert Ridland and Philippe Guerdat (“The Americans have tried to confuse us by changing at the last moment the starting order that we decided at the beginning “, revealed the coach of Riders Europe!).
The European coach had the first choice, however, and decided to pit the 2014 World Champion Maikel van der Vleuten against 2018 World Champion Laura Kraut.
Advance 16 small hundredths of a second for the latter allowing his team to go up to 50 points against 55 for Europe.
The second duel, that of the “U25”, would even give the advantage to the United States (70-65) after the victory of Lucas Porter on Harry Charles, beaten by 10 hundredths!
Things seemed to be getting more complicated for the Riders Europe.
But Eduardo Alvarez Aznar and Edward Lewy (for another 16 hundredths on Jessica Springsteen) had to give a decisive advantage to the European Blues (105 to 90).
It was enough for Daniel Deusser to finish his course without penalty to give this third consecutive victory to the Riders Europe. A formality: “It was fun, ” said the visibly cheered European coach, “because it was a little tense after our second duel lost for a tenth of a second ;
They are then ironed before us.
They fought well.
But it ended well and it was touching to see our ” U 25 “, Harry Charles so disappointed because he had lost both duels.
I explained to him that this is the sport and that is how we move forward.
It is in any case very formative for these young people launched in the big bath of a competition by team “.

Before this third meeting, Guerdat had announced ‘ never two without three ‘ .
That’s it ! See you for the fourth edition in New York on April 27th.