Nicola Philippaerts and H&M Chilli Willi work on their comeback

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A few weeks ago, an injury was established by H&M Chilli Willi. As a coincidence, Nicola Philippaerts fell from his horse just a little bit later and had a serious shoulder injury.

Both H&M Chilli Willi and Nicola had to take a few steps back. 8 weeks later, they’re working hard on their come back. “I feel good. I started riding 3 days ago.”, Says Nicola. “I’m looking forward to go back to the shows. The first big show I’m planning to do is the World Cup in Lyon in 3 weeks.  I hope to be able to gather some points this year for the World Cup Finals.”

Chilli Willi recovered from his injury as well. “He’s my best horse. I just want to be really careful with him and give him all the time he needs.”

Fingers crossed for Nicola and H&M Chilli Willi.