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The Dutch online auction Youhorse.auction received the following question via their Instagram stories: Do people often buy without viewing? The answer is: Yes! “For some it’s still very exciting, but more and more people are getting used to buying horses online”, say auction organizers Mario Everse and Alan Waldman.

Youhorse.auction is already celebrating its 15th edition! Started in the first lockdown and now an auction every first Tuesday of the month. It is very motivating to receive messages from satisfied owners and riders.

“We estimate that as much as 95% of our auction horses are bought purely online! That is amazing, isn’t it? We see it as a great compliment, that there is so much confidence in us. The best part is that it often doesn’t stay with one horse. People get excited when they get them home. ‘What you see is what you get’ and then you want another one. Buying online in any case saves a lot of travel and you can easily choose from a large number of horses from the same age.”

Bidding has begun
The online bidding on the 15th collection has meanwhile started at www.youhorse.auction and continues up to Tuesday-night 5 October. “We already received many good and spontaneous reactions. The try-outs are also going very well so far. We had to put a stop to it for some horses to prevent that they have to jump too often.”

In the collection are:

  • Two-year-old and older jumping horses
  • For multiple disciplines
  • For amateurs and professionals
  • Two ponies. One with international experience, one successful at 1.20m level

Any questions? Shoot, Mario and Alan are ready to answer them

Online bidding : Saturday 2 – Tuesday 5 October​ Mario Everse +31653241784
Alan Waldman +31625008286

All details here