Jumping horses, foals, broodmares and a pony

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The 26th edition of is online. It’s a very varied one this time and the bidding starts on Saturday September 3 at

“We have already been able to sell many horses directly from breeders and that talk is going around among the breeders. There are so many horses offered to us that we are switching to a two-day auction to keep it uncluttered for everyone”, says Mario Everse and Alan Waldman.

“There are jumping horses that you will not easily find going round. So much quality and power! But we also have foals out of stallion producers and descending from the upcoming, better stallions. There are a few very interestingly bred embryos and even two broodmares sired by the influential Clinton. So, there is plenty of choice!”

An overview of what has this time:
• Jumping horses with show experience
• Youngsters
• Hunter and equitation prospects
• A beautiful pony
• Broodmares
• Foals and embryos
• And even five very interestingly bred dressage mares with good movements

When does the auction end?
Part 1 on Monday September 5th
Part 2 on Tuesday September 6th