28th Youhorse.auction: From hunters to Grand Prix prospects

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The ‘autumn collection’ from the Dutch Youhorse.auction is online and it sure was autumn that photo/video day for the team with sun and rain! The average quality was so good that everyone stayed optimistic. The new collection counts 46 sport horses in the age of 2 till 10 years. The online bidding is from 5-8 November.

“We like the time of autumn”, Mario Everse and Alan Waldman tells. “The youngsters are brought in and it is always fun and exciting to see how they have developed. Free jumping already gives a lot of information about technique, scope and attitude. We also have dressage horses again, two, although one of them could also be a worthy eventing horse. Of course, we have several horses that would do well in eventing, with a lot of blood, quick reflexes and a good attitude.”

From untrained up to 1.40m level
In total Youhorse.auction has 25 youngsters with free jumping videos in the collection and several ridden horses. Some have only just been saddle-broken and are almost up to jumping a small course, others already have show experience up to 1.40m level.

Grand Prix prospects
“Certainly, there are a few future Grand Prix horses among them. We are immediately thinking of the 10-yr-old 1.40m level placed Hocus Pocus F.E. (Eldorado van de Zeshoek), the 4-yr-old Shadow d’Houtem (Diamant de Semilly) and the 3-yr-olds Chilla (Chilli Willi) and Corno d’Or (Cornet Obolensky).

Anyone looking for hunters comes to the right place with Youhorse.auction. Just look at the videos of the 6-yr-old Limited (Gullit HBC), the 5-yr-old Astrade (Air Jordan Alpha Z), the 3-yr-old Okidoki KV (Highway TN) and the 2-yr-old Perfecto (F-One USA). “And we have more of those that could be successful in several disciplines. For example, the 7-yr-old Knaller van de Baanse (F-One USA) is a worthy equitation horse.”

“Have fun watching the collection and keep your eye on the website this coming week. We will add more videos from competitions and the development of the youngsters.”

More info: www.youhorse.auction