35th Youhorse.auction: For professionals, amateurs, traders and breeders

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How many miles do you make and how long does it take to look at so many different horses? The Dutch Youhorse.auction saves you time and with a few clicks you can get yourself a new horse.

Youhorse.auction has proved to be an excellent sales channel. That this is already their 35th since the first Covid-19 lockdown is telling.

“We have observed every horse in the flesh and made a selection. Every horse has been checked by our vets as well. Youhorse.auction is being discovered world-wide and we are a little proud of that”, tells Mario Everse and Alan Waldman.

Two auction days
For this spring edition so many horses were entered that they decided to spread out the auction over two days: Monday 1 and Tuesday 2 May. The bidding starts on Saturday 29 April.

The professionals can find their heart’s content, but also amateur riders, traders and breeders can score well with us.

This time there are:
• 29 horses under saddle
• 38 free jumpers

Some have only just been saddle-broken and display their willingness and talents over a line of fences, some others even have (inter)national experience at 1.30/1.40m level.

Enjoy yourself watching the collection: www.youhorse.auction