For the first time in Świnoujście, equestrian competitions on the beach
Like here in Kołobrzeg 2016: CAVALIADA Summer in Świnoujście Photo: Cavaliada

For the first time in Świnoujście, equestrian competitions on the beach

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Beautiful sun, hot sand, soothing sound of waves. In addition, amazing emotions, unique shows and equestrian sport at the highest level. What are we talking about? About the most awaited equestrian event in Poland, i.e. horse competitions held directly on the beach. After seven years CAVALIADA Summer returns to the Baltic Sea!

CAVALIADA Summer, which is the second in the world – after Miami, Florida – international equestrian event will take place on 22-25 June this year on the beach in Świnoujście. This unique event can be hosted on the most beautiful and widest beach in Poland, thanks to the initiative of the Mayor of Świnoujście, Janusz Żmurkiewicz, his deputies and the President of Grupa MTP, Tomasz Kobierski. The programme is planned to include international competitions in show jumping, daily blocks of horse shows, CAVALIADA Future competitions, as well as spectacular two-horse carriage driving. There will also be the Hobby Horse competition, which is very popular among the youngest horse lovers, as well as the Equestrian Equipment and Accessories Fair.

The first in Poland, the second in the world

Grupa MTP has been organising the most recognisable equestrian competitions in Poland under the CAVALIADA Tour brand for over ten years. The events attract tens of thousands of fans to the stands and hundreds of competitors from all over the world. So far, CAVALIADA Tour has been hosted mainly in the largest sports and entertainment halls: in Krakow, Sopot and Warsaw, and in trade fair facilities: in Poznań and Lublin. Now it’s time for the open competition.

– The most beautiful, widest beach in Poland gives you the opportunity to create an event that has so far only been held in Miami, Florida. We already have experience in this type of event, because in 2016, on the occasion of the 95th anniversary of MTP Poznań Expo, we organised CAVALIADA Summer Jumping on the beach in Kołobrzeg. The event was the first and so far the only international equestrian competition in Europe held directly on the beach. After seven years, to the great joy of fans, competitors and friends of CAVALIADA, this event returns to the Baltic Sea. This time, the second place in the world where competitions are held on the beach will be Świnoujście, the host of CAVALIADA Summer. The largest equestrian event in this part of Europe fits perfectly into the promotion of sport and of the region – says Jakub Patelka, director of CAVALIADA Tour.

The organisers have prepared a special promotion for tickets for the inhabitants of Świnoujście, and a free programme will be organised for kindergartens and primary schools in which children will be able to see what the biggest equestrian competition in Poland looks like.

What’s on the agenda? Sports, entertainment and fairs

The unique summer edition of CAVALIADA requires a unique programme. CAVALIADA is an event combining three elements: sports, shows and fairs. We already know what the organisers have planned for the competitors and fans of the most popular equestrian competition – show jumping. The audience will have the opportunity to see the best Polish players and numerous guests from abroad who are friends with CAVALIADA. The prize pool in the CSI competition will exceed PLN 400,000, and the competition will be divided into three categories.

– The most prestigious competitions will be held within CSI2*. Two of them (Friday’s Big Round and Sunday’s Grand Prix) will count towards the International Equestrian Federation Ranking. The pool of prizes in each of these competitions is as much as PLN 109,000. The competition will be complemented by the Medium Round, which will end on Saturday with the final competition, and the Speed and Music competition – says Szymon Tarant, Sports Director of CAVALIADA Tour. The programme is complemented by the classic CSI1* Small Round competitions, as well as the 110 cm and 120 cm rounds.

In addition to classic sports competitions, there will be entertainment competitions that so many CAVALIADA fans love the most. This will include a barrier contest, in which not only the strength of horses is admired, but also their agility and fitness. Another novelty will be the second relay. In addition to the already well-known, three-person relay of CAVALIADA Future competitors and adult stars, which will take place on Saturday evening, on Thursday show jumping competitors will compete in teams of two.

A lot of emotions will be ensured by as many as three contests of another equestrian competition – two-horse carriage driving. The most spectacular of them, the parallel competition, will take place on Saturday.

– The definitely fast and technically perfect runs of the basic competitions (Friday and Sunday) and the parallel competition on Saturday will warm up the seaside audience, just like it was during the 2016 CAVALIADA in Kołobrzeg. This is the only opportunity to see two-horse teams on the beach – says Bartłomiej Kwiatek, a representative of Poland in driving.

An inseparable element of each CAVALIADA event is a wide range of shows and attractions for the public. They will include the presentation of beautiful horses and their extraordinary skills, as well as stunt shows. The sea, the glow of the setting sun, and wonderful horses and artists will provide a real spectacle. In addition to the arena itself, where competitions and shows will take place, the audience will have at their disposal the Expo zone, i.e. the Fair of Equestrian Equipment and Accessories. The subject matter of the exhibition will include everything connected with horse riding and active forms of recreation: clothing and riding equipment, stable furnishings, equipment and horse care products, vitamins, feed, souvenirs, industry publications and services. The number of seats in the stands of CAVALIADA Summer is very limited, so the organisers encourage you not to wait until the last minute to buy tickets. Find more information visit