CAVALIADA Summer: Medium Tour Final for Estonian rider

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The first course of the 140 cm Medium Tour Final, for the prize of Kwiaty Polskie, under the patronage of Baborówko Equestrian Association, turned out to be so demanding that it actually selected the very best predisposed pairs of the day for the jump-off. The whole track was very pleasant to ride, but the last line with a long distance for five strides to the double combination and the smooth poles of the sponsor’s fence did their job and in the end four pairs would advance to the jump-off. The win, fully deserved, belonged to a rider from Estonia. Juri Sokolovski riding Edith went not only clear, but also very quick despite having few rivals.

– Edith is only 8 years old, but she has already competed in world ranking competitions, she is a very good horse. I am very happy with the result and that I can be here at CAVALIADA Summer. A beautiful location and a great competition,” said the winner.

Second place went to Marvin Jungel riding DSP Kontendra S and the best of the Poles, Łukasz Brzóska with Jernilla, took third place. It is great to see good performances of the home athletes, as the next positions were taken by the white and red riders, up to number 8.

On Saturday, the CAVALIADA Summer arena also hosted young equestrians and their ponies. The CAVALIADA Future competition, for the prize of PKO Bank Polski, under the patronage of Torpol, was held in two categories – MINI and MIDI. CAVALIADA Future on the beach in Świnoujście brought great excitement and delivered a fierce competition. In the MINI category, after a great ride, the winner was Zofia Reimann on Frankenhoeh’s Mylord, who received very good marks for style and was the only one with no penalties in the second course. Second place went to Maja Głoskowska and third to Antoni Nowak. In the MIDI category, victory belonged to Kalina Sierakowska riding Helaba D’Insegotte. Second place was taken by Marek Layer and Madame Gazelle PP and third place by Hubert Prasek and Isgaar.

In the Small Tour, for the prize of New Address (Nowy Adres), the best one was Christoph Lanske with Strawberry Girl. This pair also triumphed in the first Small Tour class on Thursday. Right behind him on the podium was Antonina Kucharska riding Chicha Mint. Third place went to the experienced rider Jan Bobik and Hasala.

On Saturday we held the last classes of the SUNRISE TOUR – the 110 cm competition for the prize of “Horse & Business Magazine”, and the 120 cm, for the prize of In_Spire Foundatio. The first 110 cm SUNRISE TOUR was lucky for Michał Przybecki with the experienced 17-year-old mare Quintessa. Second place went to yesterday’s winners – Amelia Depta and Chantilly T, and third was Julia Koszuta with Aramida.

The podium of the 120 cm two-phase competition, for the prize of In_Spire Foundation, was dominated by women riders! The best time in the second phase belonged to Maja Borzecka with Carenza. Second place went to German Aleta Amalia Olearius Leo Zento and third to Adrianna Grzegorek with Easy Zone.

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The main sponsor of CAVALIADA Summer is PKO Bank Polski, the strategic partners are PKN ORLEN and the LOTTO brand. The Host City is Świnoujście, and the partner is the Polish Equestrian Federation.