Now also horses going to Zimbabwe and Greece

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The horses are running out like an ink stain all over the globe. Already hundreds of horses were sold to places all over the world, yet the sales on Tuesday-night 5 April to Zimbabwe, Greece and Croatia are new. The Easter collection with young and ridden showjumping horses were sold in no-time. The two most expensive ones of 45,000 euro were the 6-yr-old mare Donna Summer (Dominator Z x Ustinov), moving to Hungary, and the 3-yr-old Thurbo van ’t Palmenhof (Eldorado van de Zeshoek x Feinschnit I) moving to Italy.

“That is something to keep our spirits up”, was the positive reaction from Alan Waldman and Mario Everse afterwards. “It was a successful night, on which all horses but a few were sold. We have been so fortunate as to welcome many new clients, even from new countries, but also some of our regulars were there. They are pleased with former purchases and come back to claim some more.”

Confidence among the sellers

Mario Everse remarks that the average quality of the showjumping horses has gone up a lot. “In the beginning we added quite a lot of our own horses to the collection. Later also other people entered horses. Although at first some horses didn’t attract a lot of attention of the buyers, that hardly happens anymore now. The quality is better now. Since we organize such good auctions with a very high sales percentage, you can see the sellers’ confidence in us has grown. We now get really good horses offered for sale and they go for good prices. Now that is what we want!”


Tuesday was the day of the 21st collection already. Two Dominator offspring are going to two different clients in Hungary: Donna Summer (45,000 euro) and for 16,000 euro Dollar Z (damsire Contendro I). Italy bought four, no less. Besides Thurbo (45,000 euro) the 4-yr-old Uta Bronco (Untouchable x Ramiro Z) also went for a nice amount (38,500 euro).

Eight showjumping horses will travel to the USA, such as Dapper WB Z (Denzel van ’t Meulenhof x Lux Z) and Chabalito (Chacfly x Marquise) for 36,000 euro, and Celine DB Z (Cosun x Utrillo Z) for 30,000 euro. Great Britain claimed Mowgli C (Hermantico x Charisma) for 38,000 euro, Keronique DN (Harley VDL x Mr.Blue) for 33,000 and Malibu R.A.G. (Bubalu VDL x Corland) for 32,000 euro. A Danish stable bought Mister President (Harley VDL x Emerald) for 36,000 euro. Only four young auction horses did not make the auction limit of 10,000 euro, but also these were sold.

May auction

But no more time for reflection on the Easter auction, for the new collection is already being selected for the auction running from 30 April to 5 May. Showjumping horses can be entered via the website