KWPN, Hannoveraner and Selle Francais dominate on day 2 of WBFSH Studbooks Jumping Global Champions Trophy

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The second day of the WBFSH Studbooks Jumping Global Champions Trophy kicked off with a burst of enthusiasm, as breeders, owners, riders and fans from around the world gathered at the Longines Tops International Arena. The one-of-a-kind event, known for its unique concept, has taken the world of show jumping by storm, and all participating studbooks are embracing it to the maximum.

The WBFSH Studbooks Jumping Global Champions Trophy sets itself apart from traditional events by emphasizing the spirit of unity and collaboration among studbooks. With each combination representing their respective studbook to compete as part of a team, the unique concept not only showcases the remarkable talents of each studbook but also promotes a sense of camaraderie and teamwork within the community.

With lots of excitement around the innovative points system that keeps participants and spectators on the edge of their seats each age class was thrilling from start to finish. Each studbook earns points based on their team’s performance, with an eye on securing prime spot in the finals scheduled for the weekend.

Team Results after 8 year olds after Qualifier 1 & 2:

  1. KWPN: 617 points
  2. Irish Sport Horse: 601 points
  3. Selle Francais: 568 points
  4. Zangersheide: 527 points
  5. Danish Warmblood: 526 points
  6. Belgium Warmblood: 484 points
  7. Westfalisches Pferdestammbuch: 444 points

From Irish sport Horses, Commandant Geoff Curran and DHF Alliance (Owner: Minister For Defence / Breeder: Paul Douglas) won their second class of the weekend as they took top honors in the 8 year’s second qualification after completing the 1.45m track just under three seconds faster than Danish Warmblood’s Calgrafi DWB (Owner: Peder Frederiksen / Breeder: Peder Frederiksen) ridden by Emil Hallundbaek. After a total of 16 clear rounds by some of the best 8 year old’s in the world third place, today was secured by Lajacuma (Owner: Ursula Rosendahl / Breeder: Hannelore Reibke) from the Westfalisches Pferdestammbuch studbook, however, yesterday’s elimination from one of their riders leaves the team to jump first in tomorrow’s Final.

Team Results after 5 year olds Qualifier 1 & 2:

  1. Hannoveraner Verband: 674 points
  2. Selle Francais: 629 points
  3. Zangersheide: 626 points
  4. Danish Warmblood: 609 points
  5. Irish Sport Horse: 607 points
  6. KWPN: 599 points
  7. Anglo European Studbook: 544 points
  8. Belgium Warmblood: 525 points
  9. Westfalisches Pferdestammbuch: 476 points
  10. CDE / Ancades: 451 points

Selle Francais had a near perfect day with four of their five, 5 year olds jumping clear rounds of Ioke des Forets (Owner: Henriette Evain / Breeder: M. Fabrice Paris), Izalia Mouche (Owner: Marie Noirjean, S.A.R.L. Etrier De Moselle / Breeder: G.A.E.C. Mouche), I Am Semilly (Owner: Richard Levallois / Breeder: M. Richard Levallois) and Illico Mouche (Owner: S.A.R.L. 2B Kezeg / Breeder: G.A.E.C Mouche). Hannoveraner Verband will start Sunday’s 5 year old Final in pole position as the last team to go following their consistent two days of jumping as a team. Today saw Quincy 253 (Owner: Anne-Dorethea Winzer, Fritz Winzer / Breeder: Bernhard Wendelken), Diarello 3 (Owner: Stefan Aust / Breeder: Stefan Aust), Constable (Owner: Ilona Turowska / Breeder: Ilona Turowska) and Dicardo 7 (Owner: Corinna Passy / Breeder: Enno Köster) all jump clear over the 1.25m track in the grass arena.

Team Results after 7 year olds Qualifier 1:

  1. Selle Francais: 319 points
  2. Anglo European Studbook: 294 points
  3. Irish Sport Horse: 258 points
  4. KWPN: 257 points
  5. Zangersheide: 249 points
  6. Danish Warmblood: 243 points
  7. Oldenburg – International: 231 points
  8. Belgium Warmblood: 226 points
  9. Westfalisches Pferdestammbuch: 220 points
  10. Hannoveraner Verband: 219 points

Today saw the 7 year old’s take to the arena for the first time. Their were solid results produced but Sell Francais that took the win today as a team and individually with Gengis Kann de Londe (Owner & Breeder: Mathias Spilmann and Pierre Spilmann) ridden by Emeric George. Anglo European Studbook also procured four clear rounds today in the 1.40m but just in slower times than Sell Francais putting them 23 points behind. AES’s If Evers Girl (Owner: Abbie Summers / Breeder: Harry Whall) ridden by Benjamin Bick was the second fastest time today followed by Irish Sport Horses Bennys Lass (Owner: Paraic Kenny / Breeder: Thomas Hutchinson) ridden by Paraic Kenny. With just a single point separting Irish Sport Horse and KWPN it is all to play for in tomorrow’s second qualification round.

With each passing day, the WBFSH Studbooks Jumping Global Champions Trophy continues to captivate fans and participants alike. As the week progresses, the anticipation for the weekend finals grows stronger, promising an electrifying climax to this extraordinary event. The world watches as studbooks strive for a chance to etch their names in the history books of equestrian sports.

Full results here